Members of the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D publish in a diversity of media and outlets.  Some of our books, journal articles and chapters in edited books are listed below.

Books by Members of the Chair include:

  • Eades, G. (2016) The Geography of Names: Indigenous to Post-Foundational, London: Taylor and Francis
  • newEades, G. (2015) Maps and Memes: Redrawing Culture, Place and Identity in Indigenous Communities, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (2009) ICT4D, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (1998 ) A European Geography, London: Addison Wesley Longman
  • Owen, L. and Unwin, T. (eds) (1997) Environmental Management: Readings and Case Studies, Oxford: Blackwell
  • Unwin, T. (ed.) (1994) Atlas of World Development, Chichester: Wiley

Some of our Members’ recent journal publications and book chapters include: